Author Topic: Hey! First Project ever, J swap 94 Integra  (Read 109 times)

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Hey! First Project ever, J swap 94 Integra
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:54:49 am »
Hey guys my name is Austin. Joined the forum for technical  information and research. I'll be doing my first major swap with my 94 integra. I've already got a lead on a j32a2 auto motor and 02-05 TL 6 speed manual trans. Got a lot more parts to get but it's going to be a long term project. Especially with my first child coming home the beginning of this month. Super excited. I've really never got this technical with a build. But I'm eager to learn. I've done basic maintenance up to fixing a wrecked Accord and swapping heads etc. So this will be a learning process for me. Hopefully I'll find alot of help with you guys!