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Hey All!!
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:31:34 pm »
Hey guys, new to the J swap but not new to Hondas....I bought my EJ8 for $750 its an automatic and was thinking of ways to get more power while keeping the reliability up, (Im all about power and function). Thought of  boosting the D, but by the time I spent the money doing that, I couldve just bought a newer vehicle....that build is upward of $6K, then I shifted to the mighty "B", but its hard to find one that hasnt been rebuilt or in a trashy condition, or wanting $2-$4K for Im studying this J swap it seems to be what Im looking for power, relaiblity, and more than enough torque to pull my EJ8 through daily driving traffic and off exit ramps.....I'll do more research before posting any more questions 8)